Get to know Michael...

Get to know Michael...


Michael is a problem finder and solver.  He has spent over 25 years in quality in the automotive industry.  During that time he earned his Red X Journeyman and Six Sigma Black Belt.  He has managed and developed multiple Advanced Problem Solving teams.  

Several years ago, a coach encouraged Michael to get uncomfortable and start seriously pursuing his dreams.  Very soon after, he auditioned for a TEDx in an open mic night.  This led to his first TEDx in 2018 on teaching kids better problem solving skills. 

During this speech, he reflected that he really wanted to be an astronaut as a child.  In high school, as he started seriously looking at careers, he realized that he was three inches too tall to be  an astronaut.  He decided then to become an engineer.  This gave him the idea to solve the problem by "building a taller spaceship."  This has become his motto as he looks to help others solve the problems that hold them back.

Since then, Michael has given a second TEDx on the Cure for Lazy Leadership.  He has earned his Distinguished Toastmasters.  Michael is a certified John Maxwell Team coach, trainer and speaker.  He also speaks on the power of successful storytelling and how to connect with people.

He lives in Anderson, South Carolina with his wife, also a mechanical engineer and his two sons: one an electrical engineer and the other, an aspiring computer engineer.