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"Just wanted to check in with you and let you know I have learned and am enjoying the Successful Storytelling Summit so much. The tips and strategies shared are exactly what I needed to hear to help me pinpoint my 'why.' I’m excited for what lies ahead!  Thanks for putting this together. "

Marlo H.

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Do you want to improve how you connect with others and get them to engage with your ideas?

Then this summit is for you.

What is one thing you can do to improve how you share your message?

Successful Storytelling. 

Speakers share their personal experiences through stories to connect broad audiences who become invested in the ideas.

Over the 5 days of the summit, you will hear directly from 40+ TEDx speakers, coaches and organizers from around the world.

  • Background of their stories
  • Their passion for their ideas
  • Their advice for YOU

Storytelling is not just useful on a stage.  Our stories connect us all together.  Impactful stories are memorable and inspire your audience to want to act.

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About Your Host

Three years ago, Michael had a dream to share his idea on the TEDx stage.  He started taking concrete steps to turn that dream into a reality.  Now, he has done two TEDx speeches and conceived of this summit as a way to help others embrace the power of storytelling!

Watch his video to see where he started.

Michael is a speaker, trainer and coach.  He is a John Maxwell Team Member and Distinguished Toastmaster.

Our Guests

Cyriel Kortlevel